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Georgia, Florida, S. Carolina, Alabama

Seth Peed serves as President of The Peed Company since founding and incorporating the business in 2014. Seth's first experience with fertigation was in nursery production as a grower. Working part-time in field and greenhouse nursery production through college and then full time as a field and container production manager he saw the value of fertigation and used it consistently from 1999-2005.


Starting in 2006, Peed worked for Fertigation Products and Equipment Company selling and servicing fertigation systems and selling liquid fertilizers.


In 2012, Peed became a distributor for H.E. Anderson Company and begin selling and servicing fertigation systems which ultimately lead to his founding The Peed Company.


Sales, Installation, Service

South Georgia, North Florida

David Edge joined The Peed Company as a Service Technician in January in 2021. A graduate from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College (ABAC) with a concentration in General Agriculture, David brings an eagerness and agricultural background to The Peed Company to ensure the success of our grower partners.


From 2007-2014, David worked for Agri-Supply Co. (MSI) in Tifton, GA serving in many capacities and departments including Lawn and Garden supplies and Agricultural parts as well as serving on the management team.


From 2014-2020, David worked for Snyder’s-Lance Inc. where he was warehouse manager and logistics supervisor for a DSD snack warehouse before joining The Peed Company.



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